Founded in 2008 by Michael and Jordan Turner, the Global Conservation Group has grown to be Wisconsin's largest animal advocacy and rescue organization.
We provide assistance to companion, wild and agricultural animals. We have three primary branches that make up our group.

1. Cruelty Investigation Department
Our Cruelty Investigation Department is made up of dedicated volunteers and staff members who undergo vigorous training in order to investigate cruelty cases. This department is operational 24 hours a day, including every holiday. We successfully investigate and resolve hundreds of cases each month. To report cruelty to animals, contact your local law enforcement agency. If they are not responsive, contact us immediately!

2. Animal Emergency Response Department
Our Animal Emergency Response Department is also made up of dedicated individuals. This department respond to calls of injured wildlife, dogs trapped in hot cars, orphaned wildlife, and so much more! We also respond to major natural disasters - most recently leading the animal rescue operation in Washington, Illinois last November when tornadoes devastated miles of homes and apartments leaving pets trapped under rubble for days. We work with local veterinary clinics to ensure each animal we rescue is cared for to the best extent possible. Available 24 hours every day, we provide free animal rescue services throughout Wisconsin and the surrounding states.

3. Division of Legal Affairs
Our Division of Legal Affairs is the organization's legal team. It's made up of both paid and unpaid (pro bono) attorneys and paralegals who take the battle into the court room when need be. This department is charged with preventing cruelty and ensuring justice is served in a case of animal abuse. Whether it's a district attorney who refuses to enforce cruelty to animal laws or an individual that has gotten away with animal abuse too many times, we will ensure justice is served.

Powered by many staff members and volunteers, the Global Conservation Group is able to provide free services to animals 24 hours every day of the year.
The Global Conservation Group is a division of Global Conservation LLC a Wisconsin Limited Liability Company. Our Federal Employment Tax Identification Number is: 47-2967499

Meet our Board of Directors:

1. Jordan W. Turner, President and Co-Founder
2. Angela Maupin, Senior Vice President
3. Ann White, Atty, Board Member
4. Kimberly Burnham, PhD., Board Member